We believe opportunities exist within your challenges.

So we listen, pause, and think before we act to create relevant and sustainable solutions. 



We take a holistic approach. 

We know it is ALL about relationships.  We are experts at growing thriving, mutually beneficial cultures of cooperation and collaboration. We explore the internal and external impact of our environments, which allows us to explore the influences and the opportunities that exist within them.  


We tear down silos and work hard to bring people to consensus.  It's clear that some of our systems may not be working as well as we would like. You may be frustrated with your challenges.  We get it...and we have ideas about how to fix it.  


Whether you are trying to find customers, grow your business, move to the next level, or looking for talent, we will help you reach your goals.


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 services across and within these sectors

culture change 

transformational leadership

succession planning

leadership training

customer-centric design

public-private partnerships

customer service training

consultative sales

building teams

emerging markets

talent acquisition & retention

WIOA implementation

building communities

business services training

skills discovery & matching

continuity of operations

layoff aversion

Veterans’ opportunities

diversity & inclusion

writing job descriptions

discovering opportunities

growing your business

opportunity & asset mapping

creating better metrics

creating future vision


strategic planning