Jeff Trice brings people together for thought-provoking conversations that ignite big ideas, change perspectives, and fuel new and exciting decisions.  


He’s passionate about finding opportunities that lie within challenges, exploring what’s true, and breaking (or leaping or going around) barriers to achieve successful outcomes.


He combines 30+ years of experience in the arts, the military, leadership, and workforce and economic development to help you develop a clear vision of your mission and achieve meaningful, sustainable results.

Jeff is a graduate of the University of Maryland at College Park with a B.S. in Marketing and Business Administration and a U.S. Navy Veteran.  He previously served as Director of Business Solutions for Anne Arundel Workforce Development, Business Services Director for the  Maryland Department of Labor, and most recently as Economic Development Director for Dorchester County, Maryland.  

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Jeff's story

Jeff’s love for all things entrepreneurial started with a lawn mowing business at age nine. Later businesses in decorative painting and real estate helped him become adept at growing relationships, building connections, and providing over-the-top customer service.


In the U.S. Navy, he experienced the power of working in an inclusive culture as part of a diverse yet cohesive team.  He saw what a well-trained and committed workforce could accomplish.  He also witnessed the effectiveness of checklists, maintenance schedules, systems thinking, and the awesome impact a great leader can have on a team.


Since that time, he has applied these lessons to the fields of workforce development, economic development, team building and leadership.